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Home stay with a Difference – We call it "Hingaara" - The Nature stay

Hi! I am Hingaara, a 350 year old heritage home. I am old and rocking! I have seen 5-6 generations in this house. The secret to my youth lies with the people who visit me. They come from all over the world and exchange travel stories, warmth and experiences. You are most welcome to stay in our cozy Malnad heritage house and experience the nature & rural life as it should be. We are a unique home stay; we focus and put sincere effort to give our guests the experience to remember for lifetime.

Have you danced with Tigers & for chande beats???

Did you ever chased after a Frog call?

Stayed in a 350 years old house?

Tried sitting in Village Govt school classrooms?

Have you seen a Cicada emerging?

How about visiting a village with no electricity & gas even today and having a meal with them?

Seen a King cobra getting rescued?

Did a Yoga on top of a mountain?

Zumba in a muddy puddle?

If you have not done any of these, then it's time for you to visit Hingaara which is located in one of the UNESCO world heritage site. Agumbe (Guddekeri) - our village is known for its rich Flora & Fauna.

If you are a nature lover and looking for an experience when you travel, want to explore real rural / country life of India, then Hingaara is for you.

We take pride in not just being one of the run-of-the-mill home stay. Infact, we provide a wholesome visitor experience by involving them with not just the scenery, but also updating them with the local culture, tradition, history of the place, wildlife and so on. And we feel we are one of the very few home stays which do the kind of activities we do.

We strongly believe that a tourist visiting us can act as an ambassador for our country. And it becomes imperative that we make them experience the right culture, the true society, which will make the visitors visit not just pleasing for the eye, but an enriching one for both the mind and body.

"We offer EXPERIENCE for a Lifetime, but not LUXURY for Sometime",

Home stay with a difference

Tourism has been one of the ancient occupations of humanity. If not for the un-quenching thirst for knowledge and to learn the unknown, human kind would still be as small islands and not as wide spread as today.

When a person from a different culture visits us, he / she carries with him little or no knowledge of the place he is visiting. Or, in most cases, people come with wrong information, notion and beliefs. And in most cases, even after the visit, they carry with them wrong notions and bad experiences.

India is a tourist's paradise. There is nothing that we lack, from deserts to forests to oceans to rivers to mountains to plains to temples to monuments we have everything. Whether one is looking for adventure, relaxation, fun, exploration, knowledge, learning, people, culinary, attire, language, anything, we have. The sad part is, this is not being experienced to the maximum extent.

We at Hingaara have understood this greatest drawback in our tourism and have modelled our home stay to fulfill this very need.

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Jul, 2017Nature Camp
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Jul, 2017Life
in Rain Forest
Great opportunity to spend a weekend with the King man Gowri Shankar - a renowned herpetologist & a man who has worked for Discovery, Nat Geo & BBC in about 6 Wildlife documentaries
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May, 2017Children
Summer Camp
Jeevagrama- Hingaara Jeevagrama camp is one of its kind children camp. Our motto in this camp is to take children away from the hectic, busy, robotic life and show them the roots.
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