About Us

Hingaara - A home stay with a difference (we offer experience)

Who we are

Hi! I am Hingaara, a 350 year old heritage home. I am old and rocking! I have seen 5-6 generations in this house. The secret to my youth lies with the people who visit me. They come from all over the world and exchange travel stories, warmth and experiences. You are most welcome to stay in our cozy Malnad heritage house and experience the nature & rural life as it should be.

We are a unique home stay; we focus and put sincere effort to give our guests the experience to remember for lifetime.


To make your stay even more memorable, we organise:

Farm tours – we also make you work in the farms

Trekking in the nature with our naturalist

Village exploration

Rural school & house visits

Antiques brief – collected by ancestors

Guided tours in & around Agumbe

Wildlife sessions

Unique & one of its kind camps for children

Cycling tours

Hiking Yoga

Kesaru gadhe games (muddy paddy field)

Swimming in natural pool and more

The Malgudi town, Agumbe is a paradise for nature lovers. Catching mesmerising sunrise, trekking along roaring waterfalls, off roading to reach unexplored backwaters, enjoying wildlife photography in the dense forests, or a quiet walk in our plantations, all this in the backdrop of heart melting hospitality of the real India.

Our Focus – “ Change a Tourist to a Traveller”

Our Popular Program

Hingaara Children camp

We bring children from Karnataka & also sometimes from other states and spend 4-5 days with the kids in the nature @ Hingaara. The program is meticulously designed to expose kids to

Folk – Yakshagana & Hulivesha

Wildlife – Session on reptiles & amphibians

Farming – we take kids to different farms & give them introduction to farming & farmers life, we also expose them to farm work

Village life – takes kids to typical villages, make them spend time with the villagers and carry the experience forever

Cultural exchange – kids visit to Govt schools, spend sometime in the school & with rural kids, they love this

Muddy puddle – Kesaru gadhe games

Festival day – introduce kids to local festivals & we celebrate it together

Astronomy – sky life

Rural games – Build houses with natural resources, Lagori, tyre race and more

Historical places visit

Local talent Hunt – we always look for local talents (ex: Raghavendra – a physically challenged boy who writes wonderful short poems and a standup comedian)



  • We always feel we can achieve a lot in this industry not only for ourselves but also for our community if we do it in the right way & with passion.

1.      We had a couple from London who visited us in 2017 – took them to our local Govt school to experience it, they loved it so much and gifted a projector worth of Rs.25,000 /- to the govt school.

2.      Team I cycles gifted around 100 bags to school kids, likewise many of our guests contributed to govt schools and kids

3.      Mr. Raghavendra – the physically challenged boy with lot of talent got wonderful opportunity to display his talent here @ Hingaara and carried it on to different parts of Karnataka

4.      Children started building a eco system in their apartments, started studying wildlife

5.      A wonderful article from Prajavani paper, TV show from Sarala Jeevana channel

6.      Free doctors camps for villagers and more


We hosted from regular travellers to popular travellers in the world, international guests, from cine actors to top police officers, wildlife experts, BBC producers , from our current chief minister to different politicians, top doctors to IT professionals and our Favourite kids from international schools to orphanages.

Overall, we are proud and confident to say we are a home stay with difference and we do get lot of repeated guests, we also have guests who visit us once in every 2 months, have more than 10-12 guests who visited us more than 20 times.